Digital Notebook Black Gold
Digital Notebook Black Gold
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Digital Notebook Black Gold

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Digital Notebook Black Gold for Student notebook, Digital Hyperlinked Tabs with Stickers, Goodnotes, Notability & Freebie StickersDark Gold Digital Notebook with Digital Hyperlinked Tabs and Stickers.

Why are digital planners is awesome?
The first thing, that paper planners are fun, I've made a list of what makes digital planning easy to use with fun design for digital planner lover great to have this ones in your other digital planner collection in your list:D

- Less paper clutter
- Easy to fix mistakes
- Less to carry around with you
- You can use it with GoodNotes, Notability XoDo or any of your choice
- Unlimited reuse
- You have everything with you in one place for your planner.
- Save money! In this packet you will get alot of freebie. Surprise!!!
- Get this planner to play with your iPad enjoy with your planing.

Digital planner better than paper planning.
- It’s not just a planner – it can be a journal, a storyboard, a scrapbook, a photo collection, business idea, Life panner, student planner, stickers digital planner book, and so much more.

🔥✨WHAT'S INCLUDED (All With Hyperlinked Tabs)🔥✨
- 20 Style Papers
#Blank #Wide lined #Dotted #Grid #Cornell Note and etc....
-10 Covers
- Over 230 pages with Hyperlinked Tabs
- Grid notebook paper
- College Ruled notebook paper
- Design Minimal Style with Dark Gold notebook paper
- Stickers
- 256 stickers as individual PNG files

- A Tablet
- Ipad, IPhone
- Notability
- Goodnotes
- Noteshelf
- Xodo Free App

🔥✨How to import into the note-taking app:🔥✨
• Download the digital files after your purchase, Airdrop pdf into your IPad. Notes: We highly recommend using Goodnotes when you open the files
• Open PDF file to Goodnotes, Notability, Xodo or any of your choice

• 1 PDF Hyperlinked Notebook
• 1 Goodnotes File with pre-cropped Digital Stickers
• Freebie A zip folder with individual PNG digital stickers
• How to use guidelines